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High Score esports

High Score eSports Gaming Venue and Lounge

High Score eSports (HSE) is a competitive gaming venue in the metro Detroit area. The High Score venue is the evolution and community hub for competitive/casual sports leagues that excite and satisfy multiple generations of gamers. HSE offers an 1800 sq ft facility that hosts a slew of private events ranging from children’s video game themed birthday parties to corporate trainings and outings to adult-oriented “nights out” events. With its wall to wall tv’s, games, and custom lighting HSE offers a truly unique experience in the southeast Michigan region. 

HSE is a welcoming place where people of all walks get together to enjoy their love of competition in person and online. It’s a name associated with a fun night out and what gamers tune in to watch. A high end yet accessible environment created to encourage community and feature competition.  

There are 2 ways to enjoy High Score eSports fun and unique environment. 

1 – Leagues/Tournaments.

Gamers of all skill levels compete in casual and competitive leagues/tournaments in a wide variety of top games on a regular basis. High Score has taken the tried and true Bowling/Golf/Softball/Dart league model and deployed it to the video game space. The result is the cultivation of multi-genre communities that grow and challenge each other while experiencing a night out that rivals all other forms of entertainment. The leagues/tournaments range from small-scale local events to large-scale national competitions featuring professional talent. 

2 – Venue Rental.

Capitalizing on the evergreen opportunities in the venue rental market High Score offers private facility and equipment rentals for individuals and companies looking for a fun and unique outing. High Score’s unique layout and equipment offer a natural successor for kids that age out of the immensely popular Cheese chain and it continues on to be a great place to celebrate many of life’s celebrated landmarks (16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays). Unlike traditional LAN centers and arcades High Score’s curated experiences and tournaments also make for great company outings

High Score is the product of 20 years of professional game development, professional gaming (esports), and information technology deployment. The founders have created a formula and series of offerings that take the best of digital entertainment and wrap it in an accessible community focused experience.  High Score gives gamers of all types the ability to take their favorite past time off of the couch and turn it into their favorite night out with friends.