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Xbox One Alexa 2

Alexa Continues to Take Over Our Lives by Taking Over Our Xboxes

Look, we all love Alexa, Amazon’s helpful device that helps make our lives easier by telling us the weather, making fart sounds, and controlling just about anything electronic in our homes. Here at High Score Lounge, our Alexa controls the lights, but now we may be adding to her duties.

Your Alexa can now connect to your Xbox One, allowing the incorporeal AI to turn your console on, launch games, and start or stop your Mixer session. Alexa can also control the volume, take screenshots, and navigate menus for you. If Alexa can help me get a win in Fortnite, that would be great!

Xbox One Cortana

If you’re a part of the Xbox Insiders program and live here in the US, you may already be able to download this skill for your Alexa. You can find out by checking under ‘Devices’ on your Xbox One. If ‘Digital Assistant’ is listed, you’ve got what you need! If not, you’ll have to wait along with the rest of us.

Don’t have Alexa? Microsoft’s own Cortana has also been given the ability to connect to your Xbox! The future is now! Find out more here.

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