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Do You Want to Gain a Lot of Weight Quickly and Win an Xbox One X? Taco Bell Has the Promotion for You!

We love Taco Bell…

Let’s start over.

We like Taco Bell. Calling it “Mexican food” would be a little disingenuous, but we can’t deny that the food is tasty, even as it slowly kills us with weird chemicals and saturated fats and all the things that make fast food taste yummy.

Because of all the bad that comes with the deliciousness, we at High Score do our best not to eat Taco Bell too often – but after a night at the Salty Dog, there’s a good chance you’ll see us picking up a box of twenty tacos. But now, with their Xbox One X Platinum Limited Edition bundle, it looks like we’ll be eating a whole lot more fourth meals than normal.

Along with making the iconic Taco Bell “bong” sound when you start it up, this Xbox One X comes with a fancy new paint job, three months of Xbox Live Gold and an Elite Wireless Controller. If you haven’t used an Xbox Elite Controller, we have to tell you, they’re awesome but pricey. The Elite Controller is $145 on Amazon, so just imagine how much Taco Bell you could get with that much loot!

You will have to be specific with what you order from the Bell though. To be in the running for one of these bundles you’ll have to get yourself a $5 Double Chalupa Box. From October 18 to November 21, each box will come with a code you can use to enter. A winner will be selected every 10 minutes so the more you buy, the better your chances!

All you have to ask yourself is just how much do you want this bundle, and just how much do you hate your body? If your answer is ” a lot” to both questions, get ready to eat a whole bunch of Taco Bell! You probably want to stock up on toilet paper too.