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In Mario Maker 2, Madness Takes Form

Mario Maker is a fun little game that lets players design their own Super Mario levels and share it with the masses. We, being disgusting humans who wish only to others suffer, have of course turned Nintendo’s game into a journey of terror, with each player designed level being eviler than the one before it.

And then TYSunnys showed up and told us all “You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it” before unleashing this hellscape of a level on us all.

Taking the innocent, beautiful level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., YTSunnys distorted it into a nightmare of which there is no waking up from. Our souls – our very souls – were forever tarnished just by watching this clip, and we warn you now, dear reader, that we can not take responsibility for what may happen to you if you watch it too! Your sanity is at risk and we beg of you to turn back! Go watch our interview with Amiibo King or read about the first-ever video game tournament, but please – for your own sake! – do not watch the clip below!

We warned you! Never say we didn’t warn you!

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