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A Shocker! Playing Video Games With Your Daughter Is Good For Her Development!

At High Score, we always say “the family that games together, stays together”. Well, OK, we don’t really say it all the time. Actually, I’m not sure we’ve ever said it. But we totes believe it. After all, family game time is an age-old standard. Back during the Roman Empire days, families would hang out and play games like knucklebones while their slaves toiled away. In a post World War Two America, families gathered around the table to play Life or Monopoly or some other boardgame.

Today, it’s all about video games, at least for some families. And according to a study conducted by Brigham Young University, that’s a great thing to do if you happen to have a daughter.

According to the study, “…co-playing video games with parents was associated with decreased levels of internalizing and aggressive behaviors, and heightened prosocial behavior for girls only. Co-playing video games was also marginally related to parent–child connectedness for girls, even after controlling for age-inappropriate games played with parents”.

Laura Padilla-Walker, one of the smart people behind the study, went on to explain “I think we can encourage more parents to play video games with their kids, especially age-appropriate games. It’s just another way to be involved with your kids.

While the study did find some negative effects from children playing games, including aggressive behavior and lowered prosocial behavior, those issues arose when the children in question either played games that were outside of their age range (don’t let your wee ones play Grand Theft Auto, gang!) or always played games alone (without a parent).

Basically, the study found that playing video games with your kids is a good thing, and you should do it more often. And while it seems like a real “no duh” to all of us gamers, there’s still plenty of peeps out there who think video games are bad. Now we have the science to tell those people to shut the heck up and let us play some great games with our kids!

Obviously, the question you have now is “But High Score, what awesome games can I play with my kid?” Well good news, gang! We already covered that for you! Check out this sweet little piece about 10 great games the whole family can enjoy!

So get on out there and play it up with your pups, moms and dads! Get your game on and strengthen your daughter’s future!

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