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The Legend of the League of Echo Fox Has a New Story to Tell

On Monday, we told you about the Echo Fox drama. If you’re too cool to click the link, the basics of the thing is that minority owner Amit Raizada was going around being super racist towards former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall and threatening the family of former LA Lakers player and Echo Fox head honcho Rick Fox. In essence, Amit Raizada is a big old dumb dumb, and Riot Games made it clear that if he wasn’t removed from the company, Riot would terminate Echo Fox’s participation agreement for the League of Legends Championship Series.

It took a while – this whole thing has been going on since before Mortal Kombat 11 came out – but a solution has finally been found!

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment has offered to buy up Echo Fox’s LCS slot for $30.25 million. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment have a long history in sports, owning both Arsenal and the Denver Nuggets. They first entered into the esports arena when they forked up $20 million to enter the Overwatch League in August 2017, and this LCS slot would give them another finger in the pie.

The buyout plan was introduced after the Monday deadline that Riot had set. LCS hasn’t made a decision yet and will be meeting with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment reps in the coming days.

For the sake of Echo Fox’s LOL team, we certainly hope this all works out. It’s a stone-cold bummer when the players are punished for the actions of the owners. In the meantime, we should all look at this as a teaching moment. What lesson can we take from the whole kerfuffle? I think the main ones are “don’t be racist” and “don’t go around threatening families”. Seems like the kind of lessons everyone should learn by kindergarten, but I guess some goofballs were out sick that day.

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