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It’s News Day! Sony and Microsoft Almost Cross the Streams

It’s like a mini E3 or something today! Both Sony and Microsoft will be holding fun streams to tell us all what to expect in the coming months for their consoles, and we can’t wait to see people on Twitter get upset about it!

Sony is up first with their State of Play session starting at 4pm EST. We already told you that Naughty Dog’s Last of Us 2 will be part of the presentation, but what else can you expect to hear?

Well… no one is really sure. Naughty Dog is the only developer to say they would be part of the event, so in theory, this whole thing could just be a look at Last of Us 2, but that seems unlikely. Chances are Sony will give a smidge of an update on the PS5 without saying too much of anything. They’ll probably bring up Playing for the Planet too, so we can all congratulate them on not wanting to be blamed for the eventual Mad Max: Fury Road future we’re all facing.

Then we’ve got WB Games Montreal, who have been heavily hinting that the announcement of a new Batman game is coming, as these two fun tweets tell us.

Or maybe WB Games Montreal will be part of Microsoft’s Inside Xbox that starts at 6pm EST? Who can say.

What we can say about the Inside Xbox stream is that Microsoft will be giving us a fun update on Project xCloud with information that will probably go right over my pea-sized brain. We can also expect them to roll out ticketing information for X019. With new games scheduled to hit GamePass in two days, chances are those games will be announced today as well.

Overall, Microsoft has been more upfront than Sony with the details of their stream. Along with everything above, we can expect some time spent on The Outer Worlds, Atlas, DayZ, Hitman 2, Afterparty, Code Vein, Felix the Reaper, and Children of Morta. For a little star power, Jon Bernthal, will be showing up to talk about Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

So there you have it! 4pm EST for Sony, which you can watch here, and 6pm EST for Xbox, which you can watch here.

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