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Fnatic Are The DreamHack Masters

Fnatic walked out of Dreamhack Masters Malmo as the big old Grand Champions of CS:GO after beating Team Vitality 2-1.

The win assures Fnatic a place at the table for Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV World Championship, which is going down Feb. 25-March 1 in Katowice, Poland, so if you want to be there, start looking for plane tickets now!

Tam Vitality started strong… well, strongish… with a 16-14 win on Dust 2, but the Fnatic charged back on Inferno with an overtime win of 19-16. Fnatic then pulled out a 16-13 win on Mirage to end the series.

Along with that sweet sweet ticket to the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV World Championship – boy is that a mouthful, huh? – Fnatic took home a sweet sweet sweet $100,000. That’s a real collection of clams. A dollop of dough. A lot of loot. A bilge of bills. An alliterative word that would work with a slang word for money.

Overwatch 2019 Grand Finals Overwatched The Overwatch 2018 Grand Finals

With 1.12 million Average Minute Audience views, last week’s Overwatch League Grand Finals saw a 16% jump over the 2018 Grand Finals. On the US side, the ever-coveted 18-34 demographic was up 13% year over year.

The Average Minute Audience, or AMA if you’re nasty, is figured out by taking the number of total minutes watched and dividing it by the total minutes broadcast (as if you smartie-pants readers didn’t know!).

To put it in simple terms, more peeps are watching Overwatch, and that’s a dang good thing for all us esports fans! It’s also good news for Activision, who is seeing lots of money coming in thanks to the game.

London Spitfire Spitfires Birdring, NUS, Guard, And Coach Jfeel

With the 2019 season over, Overwatch League’s London Spitfire has started making changes to their team by letting go of Kim “Birdring” Ji-hyeok, Kim “NUS” Jong-seok and Lee “Guard” Hee-dong, along with coach Kim “Jfeel” Jeong-min.

Birdring, NUS and Jfeel had been with the Spitfire since the team was founded in 2017, while Guard had joined in 2018.

While the Spitfire won the 2018 season of Overwatch League, they finished a disappointing 7th this season. They are the first team to announce roster changes since the 2019 Grand Finals, but we can all be sure they won’t be the last.

Rick Fox Gets Litigious

Remember last week when I said “Chances are we’ll be seeing more Echo Fox news in the near future.” Well, it’s the near future!

On Monday, Rick Fox filed a lawsuit against Amit Raizada and Stratton Sclavos, claiming that his two business partners committed fraud, conspiracy, and breach of contract against the NBA superstar and their esports team, Echo Fox. The reason for all this fraud and conspiracy and contract breaching, according to Fox, was done by Raizada and Sclavos to enrich themselves. The complaint, which clocks in at 162-pages, included 15 causes of action, with Fox alleging that Raizada defrauded Fox and his partner Khalid Jones’ acquisition of controlling stake in Echo Fox way back in October 2018. Fox is seeking 10s of millions of dollars in damages via a jury trial.

Fox claims that after Sclavos raised money for the company, Raizada authorized a $2 million loan to Sclavos and gave himself a $350,000 annual salary and set it up so that the company paid the $20,000 a month rent for his Beverly Hills home. Boy howdy, that’s almost as expensive as having every streaming service available!

As a reminder, this all started when Riot Games decided that Echo Fox had to chuck Raizada to the curb or lose their seat in the League of Legends Championship Series because of Raizada’s love of racism and threating violence against Fox’s family.

Raizada’s lawyer, David W. Swift was quick with the comeback, releasing a statement saying “Rick Fox’s lawsuit is a transparent attempt to divert attention from the train wreck he left behind at Echo Fox, where a supermajority of the Limited Partners in Echo Fox filed a lawsuit to remove Rick Fox and his company from the general partner role based on his self-dealing and grossly inept management. Even worse, the lawsuit is littered with categorically false allegations about Amit Raizada, Stratton Sclavos, and others. If Rick Fox wants to blame someone for Echo Fox’s failures, he should start by looking in the mirror.”

That mirror burn makes one thing clear – David W. Swift is nowhere near as witty as famed satirist Jonathan Swift.

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