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High Score Interview: Aquinas Esports Player Walter “Kealan” McCutcheon

Welcome to the High Score Esports College Players Interview Series!

Each week, we’ll be talking with, as the name may have tipped you off to, collegiate esports players. We’re starting off with the players of Aquinas College, and want to send a special thanks to Aquinas Esports Head Coach Adam Antor for giving us access to the teams.

Now let’s introduce you to Walter “Kealan” McCutcheon, who plays Mid Lane for the Aquinas League of Legends team…

What first got you into games?

When I was younger I always wanted to spend time with my older brothers and most of the time we found ourselves playing games. I lost a lot back then, but I worked really hard to get better. Each game I played, I did my best to become the best. I despised my brothers for stomping me back then, but these days it’s quite another story. I’m just glad I am on the same team as my brother J. I look back at those days, and those are what made me the competitive person I am today. I won’t stop trying to improve because of them.

What drew you to League of Legends?

I started League of Legends when I was around 10-years-old and I played on and off for a couple of years. I really started playing when I turned 15 and I found that mechanics and having a team is something I love. I played soccer as well, so the team aspect shined through to me. Also, watching the pro teams’ videos was so inspiring. I wanted to pursue that.

Which character do you play? What is it about them that you like?

My all-time favorite character has to be Yasuo since his kit is so fun and makes for flashy outplays. But if I had to choose a character who is brilliantly designed and I love, it’s Jhin. The way he has an obsession with the number four. His virtuoso-ness is so creepily beautiful. I think they designed him perfectly, and I play him whenever the opportunity presents itself.

What do you see as your main goal as Mid Lane?

My main goal as a Mid Laner is to stomp my one on one opponent and then use that lead to push across the map and help my team gain leads. By controlling the middle of the map, we have control over the whole map. I really have practiced hard to mechanically beat my opponent and my synergy with my brother (the Jungler) is definitely a strong suit to lots of the plays that we make.

What do you see as your team’s main advantage?

Our main advantage, I think, is the deep bonds we have been forming with each other over the first month or so of our collegiate year together. We also all share a passion to play this game competitively. I don’t think anyone will stop at any brick in the road since we all have each other’s backs. Not to mention the brother duo.

Speaking of your brother, do you find your brotherly bond gives you an advantage over other teams, or are you like my brother and I and just argue all the time?

We definitely have our disagreements, but that only strengthens us since we eventually get through to each other and improve. We are very close, we will share just about everything with each other. It wasn’t always this way, but I can’t say how thankful I am to be best friends with my brother. Now and then we don’t even say anything to each other during a play since we just feel each other’s style at this point. This is an advantage and other teams should look out for us because we will run you down as two even if our entire team is dead.

When you’re not practicing League or studying, what games do you play?

It depends on how I am feeling, much like my music selection throughout the day. I have always loved playing games on since those were the first pc games I played. Otherwise, I am a fan of first-person shooters, big props to Black Ops 2 back in the day. I played that game religiously. I also play a lot of Minecraft, Skyrim, and Smash Brothers. Recently I picked up the new Borderlands which so far has been enjoyable.

If you want to get to know Walter better, follow him on Twitter!

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