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The League Has New Legends

The battle to become the League of Legends 2019 World Champions started on October 2, and this past Sunday (that’s yesterday) it came to a historic close.

We all knew history would be made after last week when G2 Esports defeated SK Telecom 1 last week, setting themselves up for the first-ever League of Legends grand slam. All they had to do was defeat FunPlus Phoenix. For FunPlus, this was their first time at the LoL World Championships, and they were looking to make some history of their own.

With the match going down in Paris, the gathered crowd that filled the AccorHotels Arena was definitively cheering for their hometown team G2. Between multiple playings of the French national anthem, chants of “Let’s go G2!” rang out, and all seem set for G2 to have a hell of a night.

But FunPlus apparently didn’t get the memo, because they came out ready to play, and they played hard.

Like the ending of pretty much every sports movie besides the original Rocky, FunPlus played the part of the underdog that manages to pull off a shocking last-minute victory against the heavily favored team. Although to be fully honest, this was not a squeaker.

FunPlus Phoenix just totally ran over G2, sweeping the hometown team 3-0 and taking the Summoner’s Cup home to China.  By the end, again fitting with the underdog stories we all love, the fans at AccorHotels Arena were cheering FunPlus as hard as they could. Something you would never find in New York or Boston.

G2 Esports will have to try and pull off the first LoL Grand Slam another time. 2019 is the rise of the Phoenix.

Jarvis Khattri: 17 And Life To Go

Jarvis Khattri, better known as FaZe Jarvis, isn’t just a member of FaZe Clan, he’s also one of the better known Fortnite YouTubers with over two million subscribers. The 17-year-old lived in the FaZe mansion in Los Angeles, training with his teammates and making a living off of their skills.

That all ended this week when Epic Games banned Khattri from Fortnite for life.

It all went down when Khattri released a YouTube video where he showed off how unfair automatic-aiming software made Fortnite. Throughout the video, Khattri reminded his viewers that using the software could lead to a ban. He even created a new account to use the auto-aim so that it wouldn’t be connected to his main account.

Khattri didn’t use the software in a tournament, but he did use it in-game, which Epic has given out temporary bans for in the past (not to Khattri, but to other players). In this instance, Epic appeared to see the chance to make it really clear just how much they hate auto-aim by banning the Fortnite pro for life.

This decision quickly led to a flurry of thoughts online. And while there are some who have stepped up to defend Epic and their decision, it looks like more people are standing with Khattri.

The multitude of defenses given for Khattri go from the not so great to making very good points. Some people point to Khattri’s age as a reason that he shouldn’t be banned for life, saying that at 17, he didn’t really think his idea through. What hurts there is that Khattri created a new Fortnite account because he didn’t want his main account to get banned.

Others think that the permanent ban is unfair because playing Fortnite is Khattri’s job – it’s how he makes his money. From what I’ve seen none of the people making this argument are saying Khattri shouldn’t face some form of punishment, just not a permanent ban. Personally, I agree with this argument to a point. Not because it is how Khattri makes his money – with that thought, Epic couldn’t ban any pro player no matter what they did – but because the punishment seems too harsh.

Should Khattri face punishment for what he did? His video was made to show how auto-aim software makes Fortnite unfair, and he repeatedly says that you can be banned for using it. He seems to be creating the video as an educational exercise, and personally, I don’t think you ban the guy for life because of it.

Give him a fine? OK. A suspension? Sure, I guess. But it seems clear that Khattri has no intention to use this software in tournaments, or any evidence that he ever has. Adding to the case for Khattri is how Epic handled another cheating incident earlier this year.

Player Damion “XXiF” Cook was caught cheating in the qualifiers for the $30M Fortnite World Cup. Cook had his friends who were also in the game colluded to make sure Cook made it to the finals. In that case, where a player cheated during a tournament, Epic handed down a suspension for Cook and his pals, and the forfeit of Cook’s Fortnite World Cup Finals qualification spot.

So why does Cook get what is essentially a slap on the wrist for cheating in a tournament, while Khattri is banned for life for making an educational video? Only Epic can explain that.

Since his ban, Khattri has moved out of the FaZe mansion and returned home to the UK.

An Echo (Fox) In The Wind

It looks like the long, weird, story of Echo Fox has come to an end. I don’t want to spend 20,000 words explaining it all again, so if you want to know what the past was, start down the rabbit hole here. The elevator pitch of it all is this – one of the Echo Fox money guys got all racist and threatened other Echo Fox peeps, leading to a whole bunch of wackiness.

And now, the wackiness seems to be over. Rick Fox has gone off and joined with Twin Galaxies while working on a sitcom about esports. He and his Echo Fox partners have settled their lawsuits out of court. Apparently without the Fox as part of the team, Echo Fox has shut its doors for good.

“There is no Echo Fox,” one investor said to, “All the players were let go. The staff was terminated. The logo and uniform—they’re now a collector’s item.”

Formed in 2015, Echo Fox grew quickly and had a number of highly competitive teams and players, including Dominique “SonicFox” McLean.

Surely other esports companies will be grabbing up the players Echo Fox let go. The only question is where these players will end up. Time will tell.

We’ve had a lot of fun reporting on the Echo Fox story, but there’s no enjoyment in seeing people lose their jobs. We hope everyone who worked for Echo Fox lands on their feet.

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