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High Score Interview: Aquinas Esports Player Christy “mchbunny” Hacker

Welcome to the High Score Esports College Players Interview Series!

Each week, we’ll be talking with, as the name may have tipped you off to, collegiate esports players. We’re starting off with the players of Aquinas College, and want to send a special thanks to Aquinas Esports Head Coach Adam Antor for giving us access to the players.

Now let’s introduce you to Christy “mchbunny” Hacker, who takes on the Healer role for the Aquinas Overwatch team…

What first got you into games?
I grew up watching my dad play video games in the living room and I had a fascination with Pokemon, so eventually, I got a DSi and started playing basically whatever game was handed to me until I discovered YouTube and pc games.

What drew you to Overwatch?
I remember when it was first being realized and I saw one of the animations for it and I thought it looked super cool but I could never afford it and it wouldn’t work on anything we owned. Years later I played it at a friend’s house and enjoyed it immensely. This friend then roped me into
joining the high school esports team, even though I had no experience! So I got a PS4 and Overwatch for Christmas and never stopped playing.

Which character do you play? What is it about them that you like?
I play Lucio. I enjoy playing him because I find the way he moves super fun. It’s great to just slide around and not get caught. I also enjoy bopping people off the side of the map.

What do you see as your main goal as a Healer?
To keep as much of the team healed as possible so we can push forward without worry.

What do you see as your team’s main advantage?
We have some very talented players with a lot of passion to play.


Coming in as a Freshman and joining a new esports program, what excites you the most about Aquinas?
I’m excited to learn and grow together as a team, and to go further than we could individually. I’m excited to explore this next leg of my life and my time in esports at Aquinas.

When you’re not practicing Overwatch or studying, what games do you play?
I play a lot of rhythm games and RPG horror games like Osu, Yume Nikki, and Your Turn To Die. I’m also a big fan of fighter games like Street Fighter, Soulcalibur, and Smash Bros. I also play games like Undertale and Pokemon.

If you want to get to know Christy better, follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

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