Month: November 2019

Fallout 1st Has Players Singing A Song Of Angry Gamers

Have you ever seen Les Misérables? The musical based on the book by Victor Hugo? It’s pretty popular, arguably the most popular musical of all time. And for good reason – the story is relatable, and the songs are great. If you haven’t seen Les Misérables, here are the basics – the people who have […]

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Terry Bogard Brings the Fury to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A fan favorite since he first appeared in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Terry Bogard has made his way through plenty of games in the last 28 years. Along with 11 Fatal Fury games and an impressive 35 King of Fighters games, Terry has also popped up in Days of Memories: Kare to Watashi no […]

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There’s A Whole Lot Of Games Coming Out This Month!

November has become something of the middle child of holiday months. We spend all October getting ready for Halloween by watching spooky movies, playing creepy games, and eating loads of candy. Then, on November 1st, the Christmas music starts blasting at the local Target. The month of Thanksgiving has become a way to just make […]

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