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Sony Reveals The PS5 Logo. The World Shrugs

When you’re reaching the fifth version of something, it’s hard to get people excited over little things. Sure, we all came to love Fast Five and were really excited when they announced that the car racing movie franchise would be adding Dwayne Johnson to the cast, but no one flipped out over the logo reveal, right? It’s the fifth one, we kind of know what that logo is going to look like.

Still, a logo must be revealed, and it is an easy way to get some quick, cheap press (see this very piece), and that’s why Sony revealed the PS5 logo at CES this week. Want to see it? Look at the top of the article here. We put it right at the front. No clickbait from us!

The PS5 logo is exactly what you would expect it to look like if you had seen the last two PlayStation logos. It falls into the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method of design, and that makes perfect sense. We have to be honest, if Sony came out with a wildly different logo, half of the internet would freak out and scream at them until they changed it to something like what we’ve ended up with. The world of 24/7 online is fun that way!

To be frank, what makes the logo reveal less than exciting is that Microsoft has already given us a look at the new Xbox (see here if you missed it!). For the PS5, we’ve gotten some leaks of possible console and controller designs, but nothing definitive. With the system set to come out later this year, we thought CES would be the moment Sony revealed the console to the world. Guess not.

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