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High Score Interview: Savon “BooBear” Riley

At last night’s Smash N Chill, the gods of gaming smiled on Farmington Hills, Michigan as sixty-five of the greatest Super Smash Brothers Ultimate players in the state came together to battle it out in a last chance qualifier for Frostbite.  Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the event was hot hot hot! T.O’d by Amiiboking, and streamed by sp_rei, the evening ran without a hitch.

When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, one player stood high on the hill as the champion of Smash N Chill. That player, Savon “BooBear” Riley, was good enough to spend a few moments after his historic win with us.

When did you first get into gaming?

All my life. I’ve been playing all my life.

What console did you start with? Nintendo? PlayStation?

Definitely Nintendo.

What was it about Nintendo hat called to you?

Their characters. I like to draw and I lean towards the cartoony side. Nintendo has a lot of that.

When did you get into Smash?

2016 or 2017. I know I was a year late to Smash.

What drew you to the game?

I’m very competitive, and I had a friend I played with all the time, but I wanted more competition. I found a tournament and it made me feel really good to be fighting a lot of people and learning that I wasn’t really good at the game like I thought I was (laughs).

But you worked at it and look at you now, winning tournaments!

Yeah. Yeah!

R.O.B. is your main, what is it about the character you like?

He’s floaty, he’s big he has grab combos. His gyro, which is his Down B, I like to combo with it and make people mad (laughs).

You’re headed to Frostbite nest week. What are you looking to accomplish there? What’s your goal?


I did good at Big House, and I don’t want that to be a fluke. I want to do good again and win some games.

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