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High Score Interview: Aquinas College Esports’ Roberto “Gdragon#11195” Jaime

Welcome to the High Score Esports College Players Interview Series!

Today, we’re talking to Roberto “Gdragon#11195” Jaime, who plays on the Overwatch team for Aquinas Esports. See how he got started, how he leads his team to victory, and what tips he has for players who want to join college teams!

Thanks to Aquinas Esports Head Coach Adam Antor for giving us access to his players!

What first got you into games?

I didn’t have a gaming console growing up, so I would always go to friends’ houses to play. Other than that, the only access I had to games was a Game Boy Advance I  found on a bench at the mall when I was around five or six, but I didn’t have many games for it. I didn’t have much access to games until the eighth grade when I got my first console, a PlayStation 4, which I played like crazy!

What drew you to Overwatch?

The friends that I made during my junior and senior year of high school got me into it.  Before that, I knew what it was but I wasn’t particularly interested until they told me to buy it so we could all play together.

Which Character Do You Play? What Do You Like About Them?
I like to play as Ana a lot. Her kit is so versatile, it can be used in various forms of play

Do you prefer to play a more defensive style or an aggressive style? Why?
By nature, in almost every game I play a very defensive style. But sometimes playing aggressively is the best defensive, so it’s really quite situational

What do you see as your team’s main advantage?
Because we don’t have a well-oiled machine yet, and we aren’t all mechanically advanced in the game, we are more malleable. It lets us learn our own style of team play.

What advice do you have for younger players who are hoping to join a college team?
Just play your game. Your hours on the game are a testament to your commitment to improving the chances are you’ll make the team.

When you’re not practicing Overwatch or studying, what games do you play?
I really like Minecraft, Dota, Sekiro, and Destiny 2.

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