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High Score Interview: Eric “E-serpent” Strange

Eric “E-serpent” Strange is a mainstay in the Detroit area Smash Bros. scene. Taller than maybe any other regular player, he is easy to spot in the crowds, and his dedication to the game is undeniable. E-serpent will stay long after an event has ended, playing anyone who is willing to go up against him. His friendly rivalry with Kevandre “Amiiboking” Thompson can get heated as the two argue over who is the better player, but when it comes to playing, E-serpent keeps things professional.

We sat down with Eric a few weeks ago to discuss what it is about Smash that drew him in…

What first got you into gaming?
Gaming is fun. Smash in particular. The only reason I bought the Switch or the Wii-U was for Smash. It’s a unique fighting game. The input is analog so every input you put in registers with the character. It’s not as clunky as traditional fighters. You make up your own combos, there’s no automatic combos in the game. It’s just a good game.

How long have you been playing Smash?
Competitively, I started like a year after Smash 4 released. I’m going on my fifth year now, I think. I started around late November 2015, maybe?

Were you playing other fighting games before that?
Nah, just random games here and there but nothing real.

Smash just drew you in?
Yeah, Smash on the Nintendo 64 is just one of those games you always played with people and it sticks with you. Smash has always been that was good and it’s still good.

Who do you main?
In Ultimate? Ridley. Solo Ridley.

What is it about Ridley you like?
I pick characters based on design. Basically, their model. Then I go off how their playstyle fits my playstyle. Ridley is one of those characters who’s not broken so I’m not going to get carried. I have to think. I have to bait and punish people. You have to be really methodical with him to actually win. He looks cool and he fits my style.


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