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Introducing: High Score At Home!

In a time where group practices, classes, study, and more have been postponed or canceled as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, online communities and social activities are more important than ever. At High Score Esports, we know that this can be hard, especially if you have a group or team that is accustomed to regular in-person activities. It is with that in mind that we have created High Score at Home. 

 Using the experience we have gained by running hundreds of video game tournaments for thousands of players, High Score has created a program where people can play apart, together. Using the popular platform of Discord, teams can virtually come together to talk, play games and complete High Score Challenges to earn opportunities for some sweet High Score schwag! 

 Our goal is to create a safe and managed way for casual and competitive gamers, classrooms, sports teams, friend groups, or any social organization to participate in organized online communication, challenges, and gaming events until the time when we can meet back up in person again. 

 In addition, we encourage you to create your own group-specific weekly challenges. For example, if you are a soccer team, have your players complete a series of weekly drills, maintaining physical skills. 

 Because High Score at Home is in Beta, we are starting with a four-week test run and only have space for a limited number of groups at this time. If you would be interested in having your class, sports team, church group or any social organization be a part of this exciting new way to play together, please  contact us at  

 In the meantime, please keep safe, keep healthy, and keep gaming!  

 Game On! 

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