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10 Fun Games You Can Play With the Whole Family

In the early days of the home game console, the focus tended to fall on family fun. Pong, Pac Man, and Asteroids were games kids and parents could play together. Lots of smiles, lots of laughs, and lots of sales for Atari! The family aspect of games has faded away. Now games have more complicated […]

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E3 bets of the rest

E3: Best of the Rest

With the excitement hangovers fading away and the free swag packed up, we bid adieu to another E3. We’ve already filled you in on the best bits of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo presentations. We showed you what we thought stood out on the first day of the actual show. Now, with some time to sift through […]

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E3 Beyond Good and Evil 2

E3: The Best of Day One

We’re deep into this year’s E3 and you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. You’ve got Mario running around partying and smashing. Assassins are creeding. Cyberpunks are cyberpunking. With all of this craziness, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. But worry no more! High Score is here to make sure you know about […]

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo E3

E3: High Score’s Favorite Things From the Nintendo E3 Show

E3 officially kicked off yesterday, and with it came the Nintendo conference. While the oldest of the three console companies didn’t show nearly as much as Microsoft and Sony, they still managed to elicit screams of joy from fans. Building off the massive success of the Switch, Nintendo showed off the biggest games coming to […]

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The Last of Us Part II

Pre3: High Score’s Favorite Things From the PlayStation E3 Show

Happy E3 day! Today, right now at this very minute, thousands of gamers are filling the Los Angeles Convention Center and getting their paws on free swag while checking out games that won’t hit the consoles for months. Yes, we’re a little jealous. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun ourselves! Yesterday, Sony […]

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