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On Your Mark… Get Set… Go Spend All Your $$$ On Mario Kart Hot Wheels!

Nintendo has always been careful about licensing out their characters, so you know that when they do you’ll be getting some good stuff. Take these Mario Kart toys coming from Hot Wheels. From the looks of it, you’ll be able to take your favorite Hot Wheels race tracks and let Mario, Rosalina, and the gang get […]

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Smashfield Weekly – Thursday is Smash Bros. Day at High Score

Get Smashed Every Thursday, High Score is the home of the best Smash Bros. action around. The best players in the area – and even some from Canada! – come together each week to test their skills and improve their game. If you think you have the chops to make it as a Smash Pro, or […]

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monday night fights

Monday Night Fights

Prove Yourself When you play against your friends, you’re the best. When you play online, you’re the best. Now’s you chance to play the best. Every Monday at High Score, the greatest Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Dragon Ball FighterZ players in Michigan come together to test their skills and talk some smack. And […]

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Friday Night Smash Delight

You + Mario = Melee Super Smash Melee may be old enough to drive, but it’s popularity hasn’t taken a hit in years. If you’re the kind of player who keeps a CRT in the trunk of your car just in case a Melee tournament may break out, then High Score is the place to […]

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High Score eSports - settle the score

Settle the Score Vol. 4

Settle the Score is designed and structured by the top TO’s in the state in conjunction with High Score Lounge (HSL). Built from the ground up by gamers to be Metro Detroit’s top video game community resource, High Score Lounge is excited to be the new home of Michigan Smash. The STS series is about […]

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