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Ghastly Games for the Halloween Season!

We’re well into the spookiest month of the year, closing in on the day where kids get to run around in costumes getting candy and parents get to take their share of the candy to “make sure it’s safe”. Truly, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year! And, as the sun goes down […]

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Friday the 13th

High Score and Dread Central Present: Fridays the 13th!

Reserve Your Spot Now! Fridays the 13th Are Back! Last year, you joined us as we played Friday the 13th: The Game, helping us celebrate October by stabbing, impaling, and just straight up brutalizing camp counselors left and right in the hit multiplayer game. This year, we’re going even bigger! Every Friday in October, you and […]

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PlayStation 4 Fortnite

Thus Did the Skies Part, and Unto Us PlayStation Did Grant Fortnite Cross-Play

Remember when you were a kid? When you were in, like, fourth or fifth grade? Remember how there was always that one kid – Ronald or Donald or some other plain name – who would spend recess alone. All the other kids would be playing Pogs or connecting their GameBoys to get in some two-player action, […]

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TellTale Games

Let Us Tell a Tale About TellTale

On Friday, the video game world was shocked to hear that TellTale games, the leading developer/publisher of episodic adventure games, was shutting down. The sad thing is, we all should have seen it coming. TellTale’s model is one that, on paper, should work very well – regular releases of chapters for a low price that, […]

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