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Overwatch ESPN eSports

ESPN Thinks eSports are Here to Stay

On July 27 of this year, just a few short weeks ago, ESPN tried something new. The cable station known for airing sports and shows that make snarky comments about sports took a few hours during prime time and aired the Overwatch League Grand Finals. This wasn’t on the Ocho. It wasn’t even on ESPN2. […]

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Nintendo Pokemon Train

Gotta Catch that Pokemon Train!

For over 20 years now, Pokemon has been a cultural smash. Starting as a series of video games for the Nintendo Game Boy, Satoshi Tajiri’s and Ken Sugimori’s creation has become the biggest media brand of all time. With over 50 billion in sales, it makes Star Wars and Marvel look like a Magikarp in comparison. With Let’s Go, […]

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esports olympics

Can Samus Get the Gold? eSports Being Considered for 2024 Olympics

Greek mythology says that the Olympics grew started as a way to keep baby Zeus from crying. For centuries, the Olympic games have been a showcase of the physically fit. Events like gymnastics, wrestling and shot put show the strength of body and mind. Games like curling show the importance of broom handling. Whatever the […]

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Sad Mario Nintendo

The Five Failures of Nintendo

The video game market of today wouldn’t exist without Nintendo. In the mid-1980s, they weathered the storm when the console market imploded by focusing on quality over quantity. The Nintendo Seal of Approval meant something to gamers – it meant that the game they were buying was at least playable – something Atari proved was […]

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