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Thus Did the Skies Part, and Unto Us PlayStation Did Grant Fortnite Cross-Play

Remember when you were a kid? When you were in, like, fourth or fifth grade? Remember how there was always that one kid – Ronald or Donald or some other plain name – who would spend recess alone. All the other kids would be playing Pogs or connecting their GameBoys to get in some two-player action, and sitting by himself was Ronnie. He’d have his own Pogs or his own GameBoy, but he never joined in with everyone else.

Sometimes, depending on the class and what kind of kids you went to school with, Ronnie was left out on purpose. The other kids didn’t like him because kids can be jerks and choose little reasons to make another kid’s life hell. But sometimes, there would be a kid in class who just refused to play with anyone else. They played the same things but wanted to play it alone.

In the school of video games, that was Sony.

While all the kids playing Fortnite on PC, Switch, and Xbox One have been getting together day after day to play the current gigantic game taking over all of our lives, Sony’s PlayStation 4 played alone. The other systems would invite PS4, but it kept saying no. Sony was, to be blunt, really bratty about it too. Earlier this month, when asked about cross-platform play, Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that there was no reason for PS4 to connect with the other consoles because “PlayStation is the best place to play”.

Basically, in the schoolyard, the PS4 didn’t play with the other kids because the PS4 was stuck-up.

Apparently, that all changed real quick. This morning, the world woke up to discover that PS4 Fortnite players can now cross-play with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!  What this means in the short-term is that Fortnite is likely going to gain even more players. In the long-term, this could be a big moment for the future of video games. With the cross-play door fully open, how long will it be before other publishers go through it? After all, Activision doesn’t care which console you play Call of Duty on, just that you plop down your $60 for it. If allowing PS4 owners to play alongside XBox One owners sells more copies, you can bet that cross-play will become the norm.

In the meantime, you can finally prove to your PS4 owning pal that you’re so much better at Fortnite than they are!


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