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Google Stadia Launches: How Does It Look?

Everyone loves videogames. Everyone loves streaming. And with those two things in mind, the best-known search engine in the world pulled a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups move and combined the two. What we, the gamers who love streaming get out of it, is a whole new gaming platform called Stadia. But with so many ways […]

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With the PlayStation 5, Sony is Playing for the Planet

Details for the next generation of consoles are few and far between, and chances are we won’t get full on info for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett – as it’s currently being called – won’t be revealed until next year’s E3, but Sony did let out a little nugget of information in their latest […]

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Getting the Gamer Advantage: An Interview with Bryan Reedy

This Sunday, the best Smash players from the region will come together to battle it out in the Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational. The matches will be epic, and the world of Smash will never be the same! The Invitational is sponsored by Gamer Advantage, a company looking to help gamers improve both their gaming skills […]

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Xbox One Alexa 2

Alexa Continues to Take Over Our Lives by Taking Over Our Xboxes

Look, we all love Alexa, Amazon’s helpful device that helps make our lives easier by telling us the weather, making fart sounds, and controlling just about anything electronic in our homes. Here at High Score Lounge, our Alexa controls the lights, but now we may be adding to her duties. Your Alexa can now connect […]

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