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In Mario Maker 2, Madness Takes Form

Mario Maker is a fun little game that lets players design their own Super Mario levels and share it with the masses. We, being disgusting humans who wish only to others suffer, have of course turned Nintendo’s game into a journey of terror, with each player designed level being eviler than the one before it. […]

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Overwatch is Here to Help Us Ignore Our Families This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day here in America. Many of us will travel great lengths to spend the day with family members we don’t really have anything in common with, slowly starving ourselves while we wait for a dead bird to cook. As the day goes on, one or more people in the family will have […]

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The Horror! Perfect Games to Play on Halloween!

It’s Halloween! The one day of the year when no one minds kids showing up at their door and taking all their candy! The one day of the year where walking around covered in blood won’t lead to the police stopping you in the street! The one day of the year that shaving cream companies […]

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Nintendo Pokemon Train

Gotta Catch that Pokemon Train!

For over 20 years now, Pokemon has been a cultural smash. Starting as a series of video games for the Nintendo Game Boy, Satoshi Tajiri’s and Ken Sugimori’s creation has become the biggest media brand of all time. With over 50 billion in sales, it makes Star Wars and Marvel look like a Magikarp in comparison. With Let’s Go, […]

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