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There’s Money In Them Thar Streaming!

Twitch. YouTube. Mixer. Pretty much everywhere you turn, there’s a streaming service filled with thousands and thousands of people playing games. From streams that can’t get viewers no matter how hard they try to ones that have millions of people checking in each day, the world is filled with gamers looking to entertain us while […]

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Ninja Mixers It Up

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja – who I have it under good authority has no actual ninjitsu skills – made an announcement yesterday that may well be showing us the future of streaming. The streaming star is leaving the world of Twitch and heading to Microsoft’s own streaming platform, Mixer. When does the switch happen? Apparently […]

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We’re Twitching Here!

Did you know we have a Twitch channel? Did you know we have two Twitch channels?! It’s true! We are working to turn our Twitch channels into something new and different. Each of our streamers will focus on specific genres of games. Derek’s living out his dreams of being a superhero by playing the best […]

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