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Ninja Mixers It Up

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja – who I have it under good authority has no actual ninjitsu skills – made an announcement yesterday that may well be showing us the future of streaming.

The streaming star is leaving the world of Twitch and heading to Microsoft’s own streaming platform, Mixer. When does the switch happen? Apparently today! Ninja’s first Mixer stream, which he’ll be doing from in Chicago, will begin at noon CST, so get ready for that.

What made Ninja decide to switch from Twitch to Mixer (money) isn’t known (it was money), but there are some solid guesses (money) flying around the internet. Whatever the reasons may be (money), it can’t be ignored that this move by Microsoft and Ninja is likely just the start.

Microsoft is tired of their streaming service coming in third in a three service race, and they’re apparently ready to do what they have to do to bring over some big names to Mixer. What this means for the future of streaming remains to be seen, but one can imagine it won’t be much different from what we’ve seen with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and the upcoming Disney+. In other words, a whole lot of money is about to start flying.

It looks like the Ninja grab may be a good call for Mixer. As I write this little ditty, Ninja has over 271,000 followers. And while his first show on the platform doesn’t start for another few hours, there are already over 127,000 people watching his channel.

Obviously, we all know what really drove Ninja away from Twitch (money). It’s no coincidence that he ran from the biggest video game streaming platform just a week after we here at High Score started two regular shows on our Twitch channel (it’s a total coincidence). Be sure to hit that link and smash that follow button! We speak the cool words too! But seriously, we’d appreciate if you check out what we’re doing. We even have celebrity endorsements!

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