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A Shocker! Playing Video Games With Your Daughter Is Good For Her Development!

At High Score, we always say “the family that games together, stays together”. Well, OK, we don’t really say it all the time. Actually, I’m not sure we’ve ever said it. But we totes believe it. After all, family game time is an age-old standard. Back during the Roman Empire days, families would hang out […]

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Overwatch is Here to Help Us Ignore Our Families This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day here in America. Many of us will travel great lengths to spend the day with family members we don’t really have anything in common with, slowly starving ourselves while we wait for a dead bird to cook. As the day goes on, one or more people in the family will have […]

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Introducing Parents Learn to Play Fortnite Night!

Sometimes, spending time with your kids can feel like a Sisyphean task. Between work, school, and scheduled events, it may feel like you haven’t really bonded with your child in a long time. When you do have a chance, it can be difficult to find something both you and your child will both enjoy. One thing […]

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Golden Age of Video Game Commericals

The Golden Age of Video Game Commercials

The 1980s weren’t just the Golden Age of video games, it was also the Golden Age of video game commercials. For some of you, these classic ads for Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, and other forgotten consoles will bring back memories of childhood. For others, you’ll watch and realize why the older players are so weird sometimes. Watching […]

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Why We Play

It’s been 61 years since Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann created the first video game, and since then the popularity of the format has only grown. From Pitfall to Uncharted, entire generations have grown up with a controller in their hands. But why do we play? What is it about the video game that […]

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