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Blood Moon Thresh

League of Legends is Offering a Free Skin. All You Need to Do is Bleed.

For nearly a decade now, League of Legends has been an unstoppable force in the game community, and its fanbase is still growing. In response to that, like any good developer, Riot Games keeps making updates to the game. One of the more common updates – something players like because it brings in a new […]

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High Score eSports is the New Home for Michigan’s Top Smash Weekly

The Smashfield Weeklies are Michigan’s Premier Smash 4 Weekly Tournaments and we are excited as ever to take our game to the next level with High Score eSports. Boasting the best competition MI has to offer, The Thursday Night Delight is here to get you prepped for the upcoming Smash-filled weekend. Until then we hope […]

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High Score esports

High Score eSports Gaming Venue and Lounge

High Score eSports (HSE) is a competitive gaming venue in the metro Detroit area. The High Score venue is the evolution and community hub for competitive/casual sports leagues that excite and satisfy multiple generations of gamers. HSE offers an 1800 sq ft facility that hosts a slew of private events ranging from children’s video game themed […]

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