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The High Score Round-Up: May 26-June 2

There’s a whole lot of esports action happening right here in Michigan, but getting all the news can be difficult, right? Well, fear not, dear gamer, cause your pals at High Score have got you covered! Keep on reading to get the latest info on what’s going down in your favorite mitten-shaped state! League of […]

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Sunday, Smashy Sunday: The Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational Results

This past Sunday, some of the greatest Smash players in Michigan came together to battle it out for both bragging rights and a piece of the over $800 cash pot. Presented by Gamer Advantage, and held at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Northville, the 32 players spent six hours proving their worth, with each […]

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13 for 19 – The Games We’re Most Excited About This Year

Welcome to 2019, year of the Blade Runner! Sadly, the classic film’s view of today didn’t quite come true. There’s no replicants or flying cars. Harrison Ford gave up his cool as hell jacket for a loose-fitting cotton tee. We can’t believe a movie from 1982 could be so wrong about the future, but here […]

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Overwatch is Here to Help Us Ignore Our Families This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special day here in America. Many of us will travel great lengths to spend the day with family members we don’t really have anything in common with, slowly starving ourselves while we wait for a dead bird to cook. As the day goes on, one or more people in the family will have […]

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MediEvil Remake Trailer

The First Trailer for the MediEvil Remake Rises From the Grave!

It was 20 years ago this month that MediEvil was first released, and we gamers rejoiced. The game – a hack and slash with a load of Halloween infused style – was a hit with critics and gamers all around. For you youngins, MediEvil was an action/comedy game that told the tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a […]

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