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Getting the Gamer Advantage: An Interview with Bryan Reedy

This Sunday, the best Smash players from the region will come together to battle it out in the Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational. The matches will be epic, and the world of Smash will never be the same!

The Invitational is sponsored by Gamer Advantage, a company looking to help gamers improve both their gaming skills and their daily lives. The Gamer Advantage glasses help players deal with digital eye strain, giving us all the ability to sleep better, see better, and play better. But why read my blathering when we can get the info from Gamer Advantage’s Big Kahuna himself, Bryan Reedy? Read on for our exclusive interview!

What is Gamer Advantage?

Gamer Advantage is a company on a mission to create products that genuinely increase a gamer’s well being.  We are committed to investing in the health sciences that will give our community an advantage.  Our first focus was our eyes, which is the gateway to our brain.  Our product is the only clinically proven solution of its kind.

How do the Gamer Advantage glasses work?

There is a patented, engineered powder impregnated into the lens that targets blue light at the 455th nanometer, which is the wavelength that suppresses melatonin.  The lens is coated on the front and back with a premium anti-reflective coating and is impact resistant.  The frames are made of a proprietary material we coined Morph-Flex.  It is heat resistant, bend resistant. anti-microbial, and extremely lightweight. The frame can come with an optional magnetized/polarized sun clip, pouch, and docking station.

What lead you to create Gamer Advantage?

As a type one diabetic and avid gamer… my health was not a viable sacrifice to enjoy my passion for gaming. Studies have always attributed sleep to one of the best medicines, and I was struggling to sleep.  I searched high and low for a  REAL solution.

Every brand I tried had some kind of negative.  Either too yellow, too heavy, too magnified, too stupid looking, etc.  After a year of research, I found the only clinically proven solution, and Gamer Advantage was born.

Gamer Advantage was a major presence at this year’s Gamers for Giving, helping the event raise over $600,000 for Gamers Outreach. Why did you feel it was important for Gamer Advantage to be a part of Gamers for Giving? 

I have known Zach Wigal (founder of Gamers for Giving) for nearly 15 years.  When I decided to start Gamer Advantage, I knew I wanted to give back in some way.  It wasn’t about the money for me, it was about the impact on the community.  I can’t think of a better friend or organization to support.

What got you into games in the first place?

The NES I got for my 3rd birthday was where it all started. But to be honest, it was GoldenEye 007 on N64 that sealed the deal.  To be honest, games were something I was good at, and sports were not.  Games were something all of my friends loved, athletic or not, and I stood a chance to win!

We’re excited to see Gamer Advantage come out and support the local Smash community.  What made you decide to choose Smash as the first GA Invitational?

I am proud to be a partner of High Score eSports.  I believe strongly in their initiatives.  When I saw what they were doing with Smash, I was blown away.  I also think the Switch, and Smash in general, represent one of the most diverse sectors of the gaming community.  I also love what Dre and Ori are doing in the local Smash scene and I am excited to support their initiatives.

What are you hoping to see during the Invitational? Are you rooting for any specific players? 

I want to see a competitive invitational.  I like to root for the underdog, but I won’t name anyone specifically.  I am excited to see some big plays and unexpected outcomes.

You’re obviously a gamer, what are you playing these days?

Well, I bought the Switch simply to play Zelda BOTW. So I am really into that right now.  I love most games, to be honest. Switching a lot between Apex, Overwatch, Uno, Zelda, and a little Palidans.

You have a daughter. Are you training her to be a gamer?

She is going to love video games because her dad does, and she is a mini-me.  I won’t ever force her, but of course I want her to love, respect, and enjoy gaming.

Not to put you on the spot, but I’m putting you on the spot – five best games of all time?

You are def putting me on the spot! What a big-time question.  I might blow your mind with my answers.  And these are just for me, not necessarily a tribute to quality or popularity.