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February Fun With High Score!

Hello, Gamers! Welcome to February!

First off, congratulations on making it through the last week of January! That Polar Vortex was no joke, and we hope you were all able to stay safe and warm.

Look, Ma! We Made It!

Did you see the article about eSports in the Detroit Metro Times? Your favorite video game lounge happens to be a big part of the piece! While our first love is video games, great publicity is surely second! Don’t worry, we promise it won’t go to our heads too much!


That fantastic article also let the Squirtle out of the Pokeball! It’s true, High Score is expanding! Not only are we looking to open more locations right here in America’s Mitten, Neil and Than – the Grand Poobahs of High Score – will be traveling the highways and byways this month searching for the perfect place to bring the High Score action to! Could High Score be going interstate in the near future? Keep your peepers peeled and stay up to date on our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest and greatest news!

Get On The Ice And Win!

One bit we’ll be revealing more about in the coming days is the Detroit Red Wings 2019 eSports Face-Off! That’s right gang, High Score has teamed up with GamerSaloon and the greatest hockey team in history to give away $8000 in pure cold cash! And when we say “cold” we mean cold! The finals will be held on the ice at Little Caesars Arena live on February 24! How awesome is that? The answer is very awesome!

Do you beat all your pals at NHL 19? Do you kick butt online? Then what are you waiting for?! There’s still time to be a part of the action! You can qualify online or come and play at our special event that will be happening on February 17! We want this prize money to go to the best players out there, and that could be you! Find out more here!

Smash It Up!

Now, we know it’ll be really hard for all of you to wait until March to find out what other fun stuff we’ve been up to, but you needn’t sit around chewing your nails in anticipation! Every Thursday evening we’ll be at Buffalo Wild Wings in Farmington Hills hosting the biggest Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament in the state! With over 100 players each week, the competition is fierce, but don’t let that keep you from coming down and testing your own skills! If you’ll allow the paraphrase, you lose 100% of the Smash games you don’t play!

If you can’t make it to our Smash Brothers weekly but you still want to hang out, you can always book a party or event at the lounge! From Minecraft to Fortnite to Mortal Kombat XL, we’ve got the latest and greatest games for all ages! We can even create a specialized tournament just for you and your pals! Book your own private event here!