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Get to Know High Score – Neil Nosakowski!

Every great idea starts within the mind of a single person. Jerry Siegel woke up with the concept of Superman flying into his brain. Steve Wozniak wanted to build a computer easy enough for everyone to use. Ben Franklin was tired of having to reach across the table for salt.

For High Score, the person with the plan is Neil Nosakowski. Having already built a successful company with Trinet, but never one to rest on his laurels, Neil set out to find something new to take on. He looked inside himself, asking what it was he would like to spend his free time doing, and the answer that came back was clear – playing games.

As the father of High Score, Neil has worked tirelessly to make our lounge into a place where everyone feels welcome. A place where everyone feels at home. But who is the man who invites us all into his gaming home? Why not take a moment to get to know Neil Nosakowski…

Neil Nosakowski

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High Score Job
Chief Entertainment Officer – King of Distraction


How Did You Come Up With High Score?
We used to have LAN parties in High School, so I figured I’d start a company and play games for a living.
What’s Your Favorite Thing About High Score?
Meeting people that share my passion. Spending time playing and talking games with others is such a fantastic way to spend a day. Seeing people having a great time at High Score makes me happy – it proves that I was right when I thought people wanted something like this, they just didn’t know it.
What Was Your First Game?
I could tell you, but chances are you’ve never heard of it. I think it’s from the Bally Astrocade days.

What Game Turned You Into a Gamer?
Galaga, Pitfall, Summer Games, Quake. There’s no one game. So many have fed my love for games over the years.
What Games Are You Currently Playing?
I play Galaga at least once a week to decompress. Been playing Doom (2016) lately. Kicking the tires on the BR games.
What Are Some of Your Favorite Games?
I have always loved the RTS genre. The Command and Conquer series is my favorite.
What’s Your Favorite Gaming Memory?
We had a LAN party at our office quite a while ago. We were playing Company of Heroes. My team made an epic comeback with a single infantryman bringing the team back to life using some incredible stealth. It was quite a victory for all of us and, even in defeat, the other team respected our perseverance. We all had a great time.
What Game Stressed You Out The Most? Did It Make You Rage Quit?
Dark Souls 3. I don’t think I have ever thrown a controller/mouse while playing a game until DS3.
When You Aren’t Playing Games, What Do You Like to Do?
Thinking about playing games? I’m a pretty busy dude and I’m often traveling, drinking some fine whiskey, or poorly playing trivia. But games are never far from my mind.

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