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Sunday, Smashy Sunday: The Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational Results

This past Sunday, some of the greatest Smash players in Michigan came together to battle it out for both bragging rights and a piece of the over $800 cash pot. Presented by Gamer Advantage, and held at the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Northville, the 32 players spent six hours proving their worth, with each one of them bringing their A-game to the stage.

The first round saw many a warrior fall. Dr. Matts, Gordo, Snowblack, and Camel did their best but were unable to overcome their adversaries. Croatian Sensation, BigKenny, Ahmad, and E-serpent followed close behind.

Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Round 1: Sethsational v Dr. Watts from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvIn round two, we watched as BooBear, Ksev, Daybreak, Lavish, and Zagoo continue to run the field as they moved closer to the finals. On the Losers side, Nebula worked to keep himself alive.


Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Winners Round 2: Miloni v Lavish from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvAs we entered the third round, Daybreak went five rounds with Dylster and came out on top while Ksev sent Try Hard Train to Losers in 3 rounds. BooBear took 5 rounds to send Lavis to Losers, and Advo took down Zagoo in 4.

Meanwhile, Nebula worked his way through the Losers bracket, taking on Zer0mar and PC3X before facing off against Try Hard Train to make it into the top 8. Along with Nebula, Lavish, Zagoo, and Dylster all took out their Losers competitors to move into the top 8.

The stage was set, with 8 players left. The room watched each fight with eager anticipation, cheering on the remaining competitors. Meanwhile, the last of the all you can eat taco bar set up by our gracious host was consumed. There would be no delicious ground beef smothered with sour cream to help the players mend their wounds. There was still plenty of booze though!


Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Winners Quarters: Zagoo v Advo from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvThe Winners Semis started with Ksev sending Daybreak to losers in a 3-1 battle of wills. Boobear found himself struggling against Advo, but was able to pull out a 3-2 victory.

In Losers, Nebula’s luck ran out when Dylster was able to overtake him 3-2. Zagoo made short work of Lavish, taking down his opponent 3-0.

In the Losers Quarter Final, Dylster fought tooth and nail to defeat Advo 3-2 while Daybreak took out his aggression on Zagoo in a 3-0 rout. At the same time, Ksev and Boobear faced off in Winners Final. Both men gave their all, trading blows like titans, sending shockwaves through the room. And while they both fought hard, in the end, it was Ksev who took the win with a 3-2 victory.


Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Winners Finals: Boobear v Ksev from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvIn Losers Semi, Daybreak took down Dylster in a 3-1 smashing, setting the stage for the final three players. First it was Daybreak facing off against BooBear. Neither warrior was willing to give an inch, each one playing at their best, each one landing amazing combos. It was, to put it mildly, a sight like no other! In the end, BooBear’s strategy and patience paid off as he took the match 3-1, setting him up for a rematch against Ksev.


Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Losers Final: Daybreak v Boobear from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvBooBear had been playing for over an hour straight, but he was far from ready to call it a day. That Gamer Advantage cash pot was calling his name, and he wanted to call back to it.

Ksev had gotten an opportunity to catch his breath, but BooBear’s quick vanquishing of Daybreak took him off guard, forcing Ksev to rush back to the field of battle.

Both men sat in front of their monitors, wiped their brows, and prepared for the final fantastic battle in a day of fantastic battles. The spectators gathered close together, the tension so thick you could feel it putting pressure on your eardrums.

This, after six hours of battles that would make the gods of old stand and cheer, was to be the epic conclusion – the end of the story.

Ksev took the first round, but it was clear to everyone there that BooBear wasn’t about to lay down and give up. Switching from R.O.B. to Ness, BooBear came back swinging to pull out a victory and tie things up at 1-1.  Round three proved that BooBear’s switch to Ness was no mistake as he took the lead at 2-1. Ksev fought back hard and took round four, tying things up at 2-2 and setting up the exact kind of thing you want to see in your Grand Champion battle – the do or die moment.

If Ksev won the next round, the fight would be over, and he would be the champion. If BooBear pulled out a victory, the count would be reset and the two men would have to face each other again. This was the kind of moment movies are made about!

The two gladiators battled it out, trading blows and slowly damaging one another. Each one racked up damage on the other, taking each other’s lives and sending the crowd into a frenzy. And while Ksev fought as hard as he could, BooBear proved to be too much for him, forcing a reset!

There are no words that can properly describe just how intense these battles were. Shakespeare himself would watch these two brawlers and find himself speechless! Thank goodness we have it all on video for you!


Watch Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational: Grand Final: Ksev v Boobear from HighScoreEsports on www.twitch.tvIn the end, Ksev’s Snake was too much for BooBear, taking the Grand Finals reset 3-1. It was a moment that will go down in Michigan Smash history, and we at High Score were honored to be a part of it.

If you would like to see the other matches that were streamed, click here for the highlights! If you want to witness the entire six-hour event without missing a moment of streaming goodness, you can see it all uncut here!


We would like to thank all of the players who came out for the Gamer Advantage Smash Invitational. You are all amazing players, and we couldn’t have asked for more exciting matches.

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