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Rainbow Six Siege Gets Spooky With Doktor’s Curse

It’s late October, and that means the season of spooky is upon us. The sun is setting earlier and we’re all curling up on our couches to watch horror movies in celebration of All Hallows Eve.

Halloween also means that a load of video games get fun new creepy DLC, and usually for free! The free part may scare the shareholders, but for the players, it’s a real treat. Joining in the holiday horror, Ubisoft is bringing the scares to Rainbow Six Siege with a new event called Doktor’s Curse. The event, which kicks off today and runs until November 6, is a 5 vs. 5 Monster Hunt game mode set on the Theme Park map, which has undergone a redesign to have a more Frankenstein feel.

Players will get choose which side they want to play on –¬†Exterminators or Monsters. If you play on the Monsters side, you can choose between Lesion, Frost, Kapkan, Smoke, and Ela. Monsters can’t use weapons, but they do have some abilities to keep things fair, including the power to turn invisible, run faster than the Exterminators, and set traps. The Monsters also get sweet new skins, and as an added bonus, the Mad House skins from last year’s Halloween event have returned too!

But that’s not all! There are also new Ubisoft Club Challenges where you can earn Halloween item packs by racking up 20 kills in the Doktor’s Curse mode, or by winning 13 rounds.

So be sure to jump into Doktor’s Curse and get in on all the action!

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