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High Score Interview: Aquinas Esports Player Will “Wilf” Haran

Welcome to the High Score Esports College Players Interview Series!

Each week, we’ll be talking with, as the name may have tipped you off to, collegiate esports players. We’re starting off with the players of Aquinas College, and want to send a special thanks to Aquinas Esports Head Coach Adam Antor for giving us access to the teams.

Now let’s introduce you to Will “Wilf” Haran, who plays Super Smash Brothers Ultimate…


What first got you into games?

When I was a kid, my house had a GameCube, and my sisters and I would play Mario and Sonic games for hours. To this day, the GameCube remains one of my favorite consoles ever just due to the memories.

What drew you to Smash?

One of the games on the GameCube I had was Melee. I spent countless hours playing Melee trying to get good, and when Ultimate came out on the Switch, it reminded me of Melee and I got hooked.

Which character do you play? What is it about them that you like?

I play Villager and a little Isabelle. The Animal Crossing is by far my favorite game ever, so when I saw I could play Villager I had to try him out. My playstyle since picking him up has adapted into how he is supposed to be played as well. I primarily zone, but can box with people when they get near me. Overall I love their air attacks though; the slingshots are amazing!

Do you prefer to play a more defensive style or an aggressive style? Why?

I personally play more defensive, since Villager is a zoner, you’re supposed to wait until they make a mistake and take advantage of it. Depending on who I face, however, I’ll sometimes get aggressive. To play Villager is to play the patient game though.

What do you see as your team’s main advantage?

Mentality. We are all good friends and have grown together with the game. We make sure we don’t let a bad loss get in our heads and always stay focused.

What advice do you have for younger players who are hoping to join a college team?

Speak up and talk to people! The smash community is a bunch of nice people, and if you’re looking to join a college team, most of the coaches are in the scene and will talk to you if you come up to them.

When you’re not practicing Smash or studying, what games do you play?

Super Mario Strikers, Rocket League, and Mario Kart 8 are the go-to with my friends, but every once in awhile Ultimate Chicken Horse and COD come in as well

If you want to get to know Will better, follow him on Twitter!

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