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Pokémon Have A New Home, And It’s In The Cloud

With its launch coming in just a few short weeks, Nintendo has opened up the info gates about the newest thing that Pokémon fans will obsess over, Pokémon Home.

Pokémon Home will let you keep your Pokémon in cloud storage, making sure that you can access your favorite little cuties wherever you are. The service will cost you $3 a month or $16 a year and lets you store up to 6000 Pokémon. If you’re the kind of player who prefers free, there is a free version of Pokémon Home, but it only lets you save 30 Pokémon to the cloud.

If you’re a Premium Trainer – aka you pay the $$$ – you’ll be able to bring your Pokémon over from your Pokémon Bank and add them to your Pokémon Home, and then bring all those crazy critters over to the latest Pokémon games on Switch. Both Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter will be free for a month when Pokémon Home comes out so you can transfer your old Pokémon over.

Here’s a handy diagram that helps make all of this easier to understand…

Pokémon Home will also have an in-depth National Pokédex that gives more info on each Pokémon than can be found in the games themselves, including which moves a Pokémon can learn and information on current ranked battles and online competitions going down in Sword and Shield.

There’s also the Judge feature, where Premium Trainers will be able to see just how strong their Pokémon are.

Pokémon Home will feature four ways to trade Pokémon. There are Wonder Boxes where you can trade mystery Pokémon to random strangers across the planet, surely making many collectors annoyed when they get their fifth Bulbasaur. Trade Rooms bring up to 20 people together to make offers for each other’s Pokémon. Anyone can enter a Trade Room, but only Premium users can create a Trade Room. Friend Trade lets Trainers trade Pokémon with your Pokémon Home friends. The final trade system is the Global Trade System, where you can request specific Pokémon.

You can get Pokémon Home Points by depositing more Pokémon. When using the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon HomeE, Trainers will be able to exchange their Pokémon Home Points for Battle Points to be used in core Pokémon series games.

How about some more images that break all this down? Sound good? Cause here they are!

You can get some more info here!

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