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The Nostalgia Train Gets a New Passenger Car With the Intellivision Amico

Not so long ago, the only place to find consoles filled with old games was at a Walgreens where you could get an Atari Flashback for $40. If you were really unlucky, your granny snagged you a Retro-Bit Generations. Whatever the case, after about two hours, you’d remember that Atari games from 1982 kinda stink […]

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Save the World Delayed

Epic Pushes Fortnite’s Save the World Out More than a Fortnight

Way back in July 2017, Epic released a new game mode for Fortnite called Save the World the mode, released as “early-access” was something players had to pay for, but if you’re a cheapy peepy like me, you chose to wait. After all, Epic made it clear that Save the World would become free to […]

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esports Nike Jian Zihao

eSports Just Does It

Nike is probably the most iconic sneaker company in the known universe. They’re so big that fish in the Mariana Trench could probably recognize the “Swoosh”, and not just because we’ve thrown so much trash into the oceans. They’re so big that an endorsement by the company can make a career or, as we recently […]

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PlayStation 4 Fortnite

Thus Did the Skies Part, and Unto Us PlayStation Did Grant Fortnite Cross-Play

Remember when you were a kid? When you were in, like, fourth or fifth grade? Remember how there was always that one kid – Ronald or Donald or some other plain name – who would spend recess alone. All the other kids would be playing Pogs or connecting their GameBoys to get in some two-player action, […]

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