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Yeah Yeah Beebiss – The Game That No One Has Ever Played

Like any other community, the video game world has its fair share of urban legends and weird mythology. There are haunted games and secret levels only a few have claimed to see. There are tales of how games came to be or of the lives of the people who made them. Hidden messages and secret […]

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Save the World Delayed

Epic Pushes Fortnite’s Save the World Out More than a Fortnight

Way back in July 2017, Epic released a new game mode for Fortnite called Save the World the mode, released as “early-access” was something players had to pay for, but if you’re a cheapy peepy like me, you chose to wait. After all, Epic made it clear that Save the World would become free to […]

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esports Nike Jian Zihao

eSports Just Does It

Nike is probably the most iconic sneaker company in the known universe. They’re so big that fish in the Mariana Trench could probably recognize the “Swoosh”, and not just because we’ve thrown so much trash into the oceans. They’re so big that an endorsement by the company can make a career or, as we recently […]

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The Maze, the T-Rex, and the Birth of Horror Games

We live in a wonderful time for gamers who dig on horror. We’ve got Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We’ve got Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight. We have a plethora of horror games to get us through the wonderful season of Halloween. And we should be grateful. There was a time, really not […]

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